Pre, Post, Disorders, Syndromes… So much of our lives as women is diagnosed. So often our moods and feelings are “blamed” on disorders. Sometimes, we’re just pissed! Sometimes the reasons our moods change is hormonal, but the underlying reasons for anger are constant. Sometimes those hormones are just whacky enough for us to be angry … More “disorder”

#normalizebreastfeeding (except it sucks!)

I have an appointment.  One very dear to me…#normalizebreastfeeding… the last week of this month a photographer is coming out to snap some shots of me breastfeeding my little girl. Ok, she’s not so little.  She’s actually almost 30 lbs at 18 months old. She’s huge, heavy, loud, rambunctious,  spirited, and strong willed.  And I … More #normalizebreastfeeding (except it sucks!)

Hello world!

So here’s where I tell you all about ME… like you really want to hear a 35 year old mother of 6 talk about herself…I’m on my second marriage, 5 handsome sons, 1 breathtakingly beautiful little daughter…my life sounds amazing so far!  I’m an expat at heart after escaping with my family in tote to … More Hello world!